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Rephrasing the meaning of disconnection.

As I'm writing this, I just realized I sat in the very same place where I saw you for the last time. Funny thing, I unconsciously wear the same dress and order the exact same menu.

The difference is, there's no us --just me, without you.

I should've realized sooner that the last time I saw you, I bid goodbye. So why am I still hoping to see you, pretty much alive, with that heartbeat and cursive smiles and unending conversation.

But here I am, alone, pretty much in a disconnected disposition.

I used to think that disconnection is such a cruel vocabulary. Detaching self from anything was harmful, or so I thought. as an "I" person (you know, from the DISC personality test) I value my connection with pretty much anything, the most. I valued even things that I could just throw in the trash. I kept pretty much all of my cinemas ticket, and I still remembered what kind of dress I wore on my first date.

But as I kept everything as a token of connection, the room started to o…

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