Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Kindness costs you 0$.

Why do we have to be kind?
One day, I asked that question, to myself. Often we ask ourselves and if we're lucky enough, there'd be some kind of answer inside our heart. Little voice that often annoys us because most of the times it's right.
The answer is, because we don't know what other people are going through.

I'll tell ya, social media is toxic. It makes us easier to judge other people. Oh, this person's life is fuckin' perfect, she's gorgeous, rich, kind, has a gorgeous fiance, and so on, and so on. Somehow, it makes us feel bad about ourselves; because we don't have the so-called happy and perfect lives like what those people have. What we don't realize; they wanted that. Of course people won't post it when they're fighting with their spouses. Or when they're having a breakdown. Social medias are created to share happy moments, after all.

Don't you ever wonder, the person you just met, what are they're going through?
I've been there. I met my friends, acted like I was all okay, while inside my heart I was speaking to myself, how much I wanted to end my life that day.

I speak my feelings and my thoughts easily, but when it comes to deep, dark secrets, I can pretend. We all can do that.

I've been there. That's what makes me realize why I should be kind to others. We can talk normally to someone who actually wants to commit suicide the night before, and we don't know that! Can you imagine, if we're being mean, judgemental, to those kind of people?

Sometimes, we don't realize, by being kind to others, we can actually help those people. Like what I wrote in my post before, some careless advice I said to my friend can really changed his life.

Be kind; it costs you 0$. Be kind, always, even when people are mean to you. Even when people hurt you. Even when people leave you, when they make you feel like you're nothing; be kind, especially then. Be kind especially for those kind of people. Pray for them, if you're able to. Have a heart that doesn't easily get hurt. I know, even I can't do that, but I'm trying to. Who says that being kind doesn't hurt? It hurts like hell. But don't consider this for short term only; do everything for the long haul.

Because you reap what you sow. So, sow kindness.


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