Monday, April 10, 2017

Product Review: Polette Eyewear

About a month ago, Polette Indonesia was kind enough to send me a gift: they offered me a pair of gorgeous glasses in exchange of blog review and posts on my Instagram gallery. So, here we go: my honest opinion about the eyewear Polette sent me.

First, I'm gonna talk about the delivery service, so you won't be quite surprised since sometimes the model you ordered needs a bit of a time to arrive. The delivery itself took a quite long and complicated way. The packaging arrived in about a month after I got notified on an email that my order was complete. And turned out, Pos Indonesia didn't do a delivery for a package sent from abroad (in this case, the eyewear was sent from China). So, I had to come to Central Pos Indonesia to get the package by myself, and also I had to pay around 20k IDR for administration purpose. But that was okay by me.

I chose an eyewear called California View in the color pink, and when the package arrived, I squeaked like a seal. The box is uber cute! Totally worth the wait. Inside, you got a card, a cute printed fabric for glasses cleanup purpose, and of course, the glasses itself. And the vibes of the packaging is soo up to date, since we all know that tropical prints are really in trend right now.

To be honest, the size is quite small to my liking, since I'd usually prefer big-sized glasses. But turns out, it fits me really well. The quality of the glasses is really great, compared to its price! The handle is really solid, and the material is really good too. You can tell that this is an eyewear with good quality just by holding it. And the color is really cute, the pink matches my skin tone very well. I'm really into these kind of thin metal frames lately, and I really like this one I barely take it off. One more, tho: the shape is quite unique and irregular! I don't know the name of this shape; it's kinda like the heart shape but with no curve at the top.

I hope this honest review can really help you in choosing Polette as your eyewear! They also accept prescriptions so you don't need to go to another optician to have your eyewear fixed. I got mine in neutral, tho, because I wear eye contacts everyday.

So in conclusion, here are my pros and cons about Polette's California View.

  • Uber cute packaging
  • The material's quality is really great
  • Unique, irregular shape that makes them standout from any other eyewear. Be bold with your statement! :D

  • Long delivery; I guess this one has to do with the delivery courier (in this case, Pos Indonesia). I do really think they need to inform us at least when our package arrives, so that we don't need to check it out everyday.

I hope you enjoy my review. Good day!


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