Thursday, June 22, 2017

My prayer

You know you're healed when certain places came up on your instagram timeline and it did bring back memories, but you feel fine.
You know time is still working when certain songs are played on radio, the kind of songs you used to skip but now the song has no power anymore.
You give power to things to hurt you, so
You're basically hurting yourself.
But I'm glad that you're slowly stopping, now.
I'm glad you choose to watch Running Man when you feel like crying.
I'm glad you decide to go out, dress up in your best outfit and having fun with your friends, instead of burying your head in your pillows for days.
I'm glad you're starting to feel alive these days.
I'm glad you start praying again after stopped doing it for so long;
I'm glad you're talking again to you Creator.
He's the best healer of all, anyway.

I'd pray for you just like how I always do,
For you to be filled with happiness, joy and peace
For your heart to feel content with everything you have
For you to be strong at times like sudden memories strike in the morning at three; just ignore them, light your jasmine candle, and go to sleep.
For you to feel beautiful everytime you look into the mirror; that your scars will fade and someone's gonna love you for your flaws no matter how irremovable they are.
For you to finally forgive yourself and start loving yourself for what you are...

... for you're one magnificent creation.

- a brief conversation with contentment

Thursday, June 8, 2017


Hatiku mulai sembuh,
Tempat yang baru, orang asing, memang obat yang mujarab untuk luka.
Tempat dimana tidak ada seorangpun yang tahu masalalumu.
Tempat dimana tidak ada kenangan sedikitpun tentang kamu dan orang itu.
Tempat dimana semuanya seperti baru, lahirmu pun.
Pikiranmu baru, hatimu baru, walau tidak tubuhmu, tapi tak mengapa. Mungkin bekas itu bisa jadi sesuatu yang berguna di masa depanmu; siapa yang tahu.
Hanya saja, tolong,

Jangan jatuh cinta lagi.