Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Canyon City.

Right now, I'm sitting in a coffee shop; I'm supposed to revise my thesis but I'm here, instead. Blame Canyon City for this one impulsive writing, but... Listening to his lyrics, I just can't hold it. I want to write something about this.

Thanks to Spotify radio - I used to hate it when Spotify plays some random songs when my playlist is over, but that's how I met this song and I'm thankful for that. It's Between The Stars, by Canyon City. It's been a while since I'm really in love with a song -both music and lyrics- since Youth by Daughter, Eyes Closed by The Narratives and Intertwined by Dodie (okay those are a lot, you denial).

Just like its title, this song's gonna take you to between the stars.

Let me talk about the music first -I don't know what instrument it is, but there's some melody that sounds exactly like how I'd imagine being in between the stars would feel. The first 5 seconds and I'll guarantee you'll be head over heels with this song.

And then comes the lyrics. Here's my favorite line:

Maybe I was looking down When you, the satellite, broke through

And that's just the first line. I can feel it already that Paul Johnson -the man behind Canyon City- wrote all these songs with all his heart. The lyrics, man. The lyrics are just mind blowing. His choosing of words, his stories, everything falls into place perfectly.

When you have the talent, it's not that hard to find the perfect lyrics to your perfect melody. But when you pour out all of your heart into your writings, your music; it won't be just a song. It would touch people's hearts, or even change people's lives. Feelings are that magical, believe me. Having just talent isn't enough; but having the right heart for what you're good at, would be everything. It'd be more than enough.

And how to have the right heart?

Love. To love, and if you're lucky enough, to be loved.


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